Saturday, June 19, 2021

Serenity in the garden


There is such serenity

in the garden this night,

the Ponds surface shimmers

in the evening breeze

while hyacinths and lettuces

float among the orbs.

The only man made sound

is Bach’s Cello Suites

emanating from speakers

out into the garden

where I sit and savour

sights and sounds.

Robinnettes have recently

left their nests

chortle from the garden,

calling to their parents

for substance

while both know they are safe.

Soon, sparrows and chickadee’s

fly in and sing their songs.

Were they drawn in by the cello?

Or the serenity?

I will never know and it doesn’t matter

for I am enraptured with their song.

The wicker chaise

calls me name, come lay with me,

let me arms wrap around you

and keep you safe while you dream.

The invitation is enticing...

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