Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bon Voyage Vince

A lazy Saturday morn, enjoying the paper, CBC, and tea, and out of the corner of me eye I spied movement on the floor. Turning to see it with both eyes I sighed and an “o shite” escaped these lips. I sat and watched it scurry pondering what creature is this. Short tail, wee ears, though it did have furry body it was definitely not a mouse. Those large ears and white gloves were missing.

Behind the stove, then around the fridge he made his way stopping to sniff and look around thinking he was in heaven. The kitchen, clean and warm and no crumbs to be found didn’t make for a banquet. I sat back and pondered all the while saying, “look wee fella there’s just no room at the Inn”. Okies, I know he didn’t understand but it was worth the try.

Finished me tea and with an o well lets get to it attitude the search began. AHA! There he was scraping his wee claws trying to make it over the Wedgwood cabinet. Now that I knew he was behind it I paused and thought what now ? Get thee a bowl I said to meself and so went to the pantry and found a see thru plastic one, good depth so I wouldn’t flatten him and room to move around. Perfect for me home is a “No Squash Zone”. Grabbing it I set forth and plunked down in front of the cabinet.

Dum de dum de dum, I sat and waited. Finally he made a run for it back into the kitchen. Round and round the Palm he goes, where he ends nobody knows. Me mind digressed to the many Merry-Go-Round rides as a youngster. Inhaling, exhaling and poised I waited til just the right moment. I smacked the bowl over and captured the wee bugga. Ha Ha, I shouted with glee, “you’re mine !”

After donning clothes, just so I wouldn’t be questioned by the local constabulary, I found the tape and cardboard. This wee critter was a slippery one so there will be no attempt at sliding the bowls lid underneath. This calls for a more secure lid. With lots of ducttape wrapped around we leave the house. The poor wee thing, scrambled at the lid and left droppings all around. One could say he was scared shiteless :)

As he wasn’t the normal mouse and more of a vole I named him Vince. Kinda fitting for he was long dark and rather handsome. La la la, after Vince Vaughan. Vince and I took a drive though he fought at first but after hearing a soothing voice he knew it was for the best. We ended our journey at the ole creek where I cut the tape and let Vince free to find another nest. Bon Voyage Vinnie, don’t come back soon ya here


  1. just looking for a warm place to hole up for the next few months.:)

  2. sad to say i would have kept him but o those trails and they aren't good housekeepers so now he's free to roam and keep warm anothers nest :)

  3. A wee tale - a big pleasure!
    Aloha from Waikiki-

  4. Thank you cloudia and welcome to The Pond. As I've said "a vole in a bowl is better then a mouse in the house" :D


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