Thursday, November 27, 2008

Symphony in Snow

A moody day while snow falls yet again. Watching it blanket the landscape I hear strings of Vivaldi. Specifically Concerto No. 4 “L’inverno” or more commonly known as Winter from The Four Seasons.

Clear deep blue sky
on a bitter cold night
as the Full moon shines
upon ice encrusted field
wind twirls slowly, sensuously
enticing wayward snowflakes
to join in the dance
of intensifying beats
leaving those breathless in the wind
scattered yet yearning.

Mmm, calmness after the storm
movement is relaxed and o so calm
air is sweet yet refreshingly cold
while snow falls gently
upon open mouths
of those too savouring this moment.

The symphony nears the end
having reached its peak
yet there is more
there is sorrow for
flurries blown confused
at which way to turn
as dawn draws near
snowflakes ponder
will there be another time
for us caught in the dance
of the swirl.


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