Thursday, November 20, 2008

Waiting and Watching

They sit and watch
greys, blacks and reds
with wee beady black eyes
in both sides of their heads.

Glaring and staring
waiting for me to finish
the task of planting bulbs
so they can feed their famish

Crafty those buggers be
playing tic tac toe
with the landscaping
and holes dug just so.

Thumping and drumming
bushy tails with anger
I stand with hands on hips
warning of the danger.

Chatter ceases as
visions of their own tails
wrapped around anothers neck
leaves them pale.

The task is complete
and tools stored away
even though squirrels are waiting
I sit back and enjoy the final summers Chardonnay.

hehehehehe :D


  1. hey they gotta eat too...:))))

  2. That was great!!!!

    ... and thank you for stopping by Santa's blog.


  3. well you know confused let them eat nuts, just not the ones i pay for :D

    Speedy Santa, tis a great site :)

  4. Ahy, the season's change . . .
    Aloha from Waikiki-


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