Thursday, January 08, 2009

What can ya do

Bart: Did you hear that?

Boof: Tink so, the screen door slam?

Bart: Yes, she’s out !

Boof: Race ya !

Bart: Wait one minute, I’m senior!

Boof: No seniority in the nest bro.

Bart: Just cause Mum liked you best gives you no right.

Boof: Eat seeds bro ! I’m off !!!

Bart: Oh Oh, she’s still out.

Boof: What she doing ? Your tail blocks my view.

Bart: She’s got the shovel.

Boof: Time to trim the tail bro.

Bart: Hey it keeps me warm !

Boof: And it’s in my way !!!

Bart: Move to another branch.

Boof: No way! You’ll get hit by snowballs before me.

Bart: Want me to wave at her for you, do ya ?

Boof: Sshhhhhh, she’s looking at us.

Bart: Make like we’re grooming each other.

Boof: Paws off bro !

Bart: Wait, where did she go ?

Boof: She’s gone in, go !

Bart: Not so fast, I didn’t hear the chchchchch did you ?

Boof: Too much snow in my ears bro but I smell something.

Bart: HA HA, she filled it !!!

Boof: Mine Mine Mine

And so another day begins at The Pond as the Black Beady Eyed furballs dine on the bird seed. Sheeeshhhhh what can ya do


  1. I'm diggin` in too!

    ... any suflower seeds??

  2. Speeeeedy, salted will make em retain water causing even fluffier tails :)

  3. Lol... a humorous dialogue. I can see you’ve got a great observational eye! p.s. Like the names 'Bart' and 'Boof' (I had the voice of Bart Simpson in my mind as I read:)

  4. I'm with Speedy salted ones please...:))

  5. ooooo Cath I'm a Simpsons fan from way back and ain't afeared to say it :) hehehehe, I swear that was the conversation I heard.

    Robert, roasted or toasted ? :D


  6. You'd get a job with lolbirds :)

  7. wouldn't that be a fun one Braja !
    :D Cheryl


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