Sunday, October 04, 2009

Darkness becomes her

Darkness becomes her
as its cloak wraps securely
spirits need their time
having fought during summer
against the sun.

Silent tears
wiped away by raindrops
on bare face
brings warmth to the lost soul
stumbling about this earth.

Thunder shudders the night
yet not her thoughts
she is at home with nature
the one true
in her life.

Lights should be extinguished
solace of the bed be found
but there are footsteps
in her soul
needing a path.

Will light bring answers
she thinks not
no one but her will answer
the questions
not dared to ask.


  1. This is a moving piece of writing--lonely in its solitary thought, considering something heavy in the evening hours.

    This poem evoked many feelings I can relate to, have experienced...

    love and peace

  2. So, she gave in to the darkness. I guess sometimes we should indulge with a little bit of darkness, but don't forget to come back to the light.


  3. Thank you Anaji and Doc, it was one of "those" nights. Life is clearer in the sunshine :) Cheryl

  4. Superbly written. I feel the angst and despair with the falling shadows of night that only sunrise can chase away.

  5. A beautiful poem! "but there are footsteps in her soul needing a path" - this means a lot of thngs to me on a persnal level, very toucing indeed!

  6. Why thank you Dan, welcome to The Pond :) Cheryl


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