Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It remains to be...

Tear down
the once loved tree
its crooked branches
webbed and dusty.
Stow away memories
of a happier time
when it was shared
on joyous occasions.
Replace the shimmer
with iridescent tarnish
as a thousand sands
of sparkle fall
to be swept and tossed
out in the trash,
with tinsel rusted from tears.
Silence heavenly voices
angels from on high,
their chorus screams
from the strangulation
of serrated ribbons
which hung glass ornaments
collected with care
through the years.
Toss tins of cookies,
mouldy cherries
and rancid nuts,
leftovers from baskets
fermenting in the fridge,
sacrifice to the composter
and wait for decomposition
when worms awake.
Salvage paper wishes
of love and good cheer
to be stored in the box,
held and reread next year,
when the good wishes
be faded as the ink, or be
flicked off by curled edges
on aged parchment.
Wrap me in your arms
confirm to me there will be
better days, more warmth,
happiness and peace.
If not there will be another
time, perhaps another year,
as it remains to be.


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