Friday, December 20, 2013

Me thinks...

Me thinks we're in for one of those winters. Even though it's not officially here the signs are there. 2' of snow already on the ground and this day it kept falling, sigh.  I don't mind the white shite in moderation of course because it brightens the landscape. Tis a nice change from the colourless November, but it's becoming ridiculous.

One must become one with the flake and determine when it's just right to shovel. Case in point. A foot of the white shite in the drive that must be cleared. However, freezing rain is now falling. Now anyone who knows snow like a Canuckian knows snow, knows one should leave the snow to provide traction beneath the coating of ice presently building up, and I know snow.   ;)

I shall toddle off fresh from filling the bird feeder, catching flakes on my tongue while listening to bells on the sleigh horses echoing from the park and will sleep well tonight. Tomorrow is another story when I ponder winter has yet to officially arrive.  


  1. i think you could be right. OR it could be an early spring??!!
    Whatever... we will deal with it!
    I cannot complain, not with all of my hospice clients who struggle.

  2. We'll wish for an early spring Jenn, though I always toast St Patricks Day with the paddy-o-furniture set out ;)

  3. and across this pond people are at the beach in next to nothing ;-)

  4. Shameful isn't it ;-) Maybe I should spend winters waaaaay down south


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