Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Christmas Tail

It's Christmas Eve, the tree is lit, I'm bundled from the frigid cold and alone wondering what to do this night. I can only watch Elf so many times though his scream of SANNTTTAAAAAA still slays me. I won't say how his leap onto the Christmas tree sends me into fits of laughter either.

Hearing the chi chi chi from outside I looked out and saw the shadow of the cardinal at the feeder. Ahhh like clockwork he arrives. Before sunrise and at sunset. He lives in shadows, or prefers to dine alone when the doves, chickadeedeedees, and juncos find their beds in the hedge.

I spied a form at the base of the feeder. Hhhmmmm, that's an awfully big bird I thought so I opened the blind wide. Can't be a cat, they don't care for seed, nor a dog. Wait! It can't be! It tis!!! I would know that tail anywhere! Poooooooooooooooka has returned.

I haven't seen him since one rainy eve in May, when I had a wee chat with him asking to leave the garden alone. There's a park nearby I explained, and he was more than welcome to seek nourishment there. He hopped off with a flick of his fluffy white tail. I'm still not sure if it was an Adios! or not having fingers the other type of salute.

I watched him munch the sunflower seeds I had spread onto the snow for the ground feeders. Obviously he dined well all summer as he is one BIG bunnie! I'll search the garden in daylight to see how he got in because the garden is completely fenced and with the two feet of white shite there isn't room for even a mouse to squeeze under the fence.

As for me, I feel better. I have a bunnie for Christmas, not your ordinary bunnie but Pooka who is a very special bunnie. Tomorrow I will leave a few carrots out for him and spread more seed. After all our furry and feathered friends should enjoy Christmas too.  


  1. Thank you for the lovely comment... I loved it.... I too have rabbits in the yard along with deer, raccoon and skunk. I am sure the bun enjoys the seeds... Have a very Merry Christmas... Michelle

  2. It's snowing, again, at this rate we'll have a white Christmas in 2014, Merry Merry Michelle


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