Sunday, July 27, 2008

Me Thinks The Lady Doth Ponder Tooooo Much

Mmmmm, tis a beautiful morn at The Pond. Clear sky yet the sun is soft, cool breeze, chickadeedeedeedees family out and about, just a perfect morn. Three cups of tea and I'm ready to take on the day. Well, tea and sleeping for 6 hours uninterrupted! Woooo hooooooooo.

The froggies are active this morn. Frogue being the oldest shares his throne with a few of the wee ones who've made The Pond their home. The throne being a piece of black granite along one side. Seems to me they like sitting high, perhaps the better to survey their surroundings. The tiniest one, no bigger then a toonie seems to enjoy playing Hide N Seek and isn't quite sure of this human. I've named him Fred after an ole schoolmate who was always the smallest. So small he was often locked in the cupboard under the sink. I digress.....

The nightly Grand Prix has ceased. I'm sure it's due to the rather wet summer. They no longer need to find a cool damp place to spend the day. Like clock work as dusk fell I would hear plop plop plop on the step and would watch. Out of the planters they would hop and race to the water. Heaven forebid if anything stood in their way. Mind you they wouldn't hop around. Nope, bang right into a chair leg, branch and even a human leg. They are on a mission and there are no detours!

They can be amusing to watch. Sitting around The Pond always facing inward as if on the look out for the great pond shark. Geeeez guys, no freshwater sharks in these here parts. Their stance gives them away. Just before they leap, sitting straight up with necks stretched to the max as if a basketball player with eyes on the net. That's when they jump up. Jumping into the water is another position. Actually no position, they just do it. Think of yourself as a munchkin running and jumping off the dock into the lake. Were you concerned with form? Do I hear Cannonbaaallllll?

Weather forecasting has never been easier. At the very hint of rain, Frogue begins his bwarhhh bwarhhh bwarhhh. His baritone voice alerting the neighbourhood to take cover. Very rarely have I heard his companions join in. Maybe they are too small, maybe they are in awe at his voice, or maybe they just haven't received the music sheets. That is something I shall ponder ;)

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