Saturday, July 05, 2008

Those weren't raindrops falling.............

The perfect summer eve drew me outside to sit and ponder. Relaxing in MY chair with a fine JP I heard a smack. I glanced around and saw nothing. Certainly not out of the ordinary at The Pond to hear something without a cause.

Nestling in, drifting off, there it was again only this time it hit one of the other chairs. I leaned over and saw this widdle nut. Smack ! smack ! OUUUUUCHIEEEEE. This time smack on me head.

Looking up I came face to face with one of those black furry creatures. He was sitting in the Walnut tree which overhangs the patio. The bugger. Having a wee of a feast he was.

The young nuts were being stripped bare by this bloody squirrel. Those he couldn't stuff into his cheeks came smacking down to the unsuspecting below. Fine I said, eat all you want.

Little does he know that unripened fruit leads to ummmm how shall I say quick trips. Then again do squirrels really shite in the woods? Hhhhmmmmmmmm

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