Thursday, July 17, 2008

To Mow or Not Mow, That is The Question.....

Actually not wanting to become one of "those" I choose too just in case the neighbours rallied against the field in an urban setting. Time and weather prevented me from giving it a good cut, that and having me lawn boy desert me :(.

The morn was clean and dry. Sun shining and birds singing their song. Little did they know I was soon to disrupt their chorus. Two machines I hate to hear are lawn mowers and the worstest, chain saws. Tis just the noise slashing the silence of a lovely day I abhor.

On to the mission. Borrowing a suped up mower, this is where I insert the arh arh arh most men speak of, I begin. Now the lawn is a tad large with more then usual the number of beds and trees which must be mowed around. This is definitely not a clean cut.

A must do is to walk the property. Branches are picked up, froggies are gently shifted to the safety of the beds and any small creatures, specifically bunnies are encouraged to find a new home toot le suite !

I start off with mower moving a third of along due to the ummm, height of the grass. That didn't last long. A pull of the string thingie and off it starts, again. Another attempt this time at a quarter. Yet another pull of the string thingie and I ponder as the mower decides to rest as this is just not the time.

Hhmmmmmmm, I have a job to do and by the haysus I'm going to do it! Sooooo, after a flashback to drafting class I thought AHA! Pulled that string thingie once again and this time raised the front to a 45 degree angle and moved 6 feet, set it down and pulled back 6 feet. Ooooooooooo, this just may work !

Mind you pulling on a 5 foot long string thingie with a 2 foot long arm doesn't exactly make you want to play a round of badminton afterwards. Get me drift. Just mowing the front and side took almost 2 hours. Up, walk, down, walk backwards which reminded me of a dance. Was it the cha cha cha?

The older gentlemen of the neighbourhood had a hoot watching. These men with no other tasks to do but watch this woman struggle with the string thingie, almost on her knees pushing the mower under tree boughs, untaggling the caught hair, all the while oooooooommmming. Yep they had a good day.

After the task was done, the prunners were oiled and a few trees trimmed. I'm still waiting for the men to ask " why didn't ya cut those limbs before ya started ".

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