Friday, July 25, 2008

Welcome Back Beacons In The Night

Thunderous skies with rolling grey clouds, rain shattering the pane of eve and I sat watching. Suddenly a wee light. These eyes focused not on the beacon but the surroundings. Again! the light. Ahhhhhh, I've been seeking you this sultry summer.

I smile so, to watch the dance of Fireflies. Memories of long ago as munchkins, seeking these magical creatures, following thru neighbours yards, over hedges, fences, seeking the magicians of the night.

Years ago I drove a long country road on a similiar sultry eve. The road was built up with ditches along each side. O my! I was transfixed that eve with thousands of natures beacons lighting me way. Picture yourself flying low over a city with every light on in every building. That is the vision.

Me heart sings watching their beacons in the night. Eyes riveted to their last location. Up, up, up, thru the trees they soar leaving earth, leaving their glimour with us. Twas a magical night.


  1. Hi!!

    I will send the canister on to the proper pheppings

  2. thankyou for your comment on y post.. .. I have found a new blog to visit..:) I shall enjoy

  3. Thank you Confused :) May I add your blog which I enjoy so much to me Fellow Ponderers?


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